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Les Escuries Diablo

St Agapit, QC

In the past, Celine Tremblay and Alain Bergeron of Les Ecuries Diabolo, experienced less than ideal temperatures coupled with snow and strong winds. Celine wrote, “Once inside, smiles were in fashion, and yes we quickly forgot about the storm raging outside…It is pleasant to see the students working in the enclosed riding arena (from Allied Steel Buildings), whether it’s snowing or just too hot to be outside.”

“Spacious, solid and well lit, the riding arena brings us all joy,” she wrote. They chose to build with a durable Allied Steel Building due to the quiet and safe environment it created for the horses. Their arena was engineered to withstand the harshest weather conditions while maintaining the integrity of the building. In 2011, Hurricane Irene slammed into Quebec as a post-tropical storm and did extensive damage to other buildings located on their property while the Allied Steel Buildings’ riding arena remained unscathed. Alain had the structure built for high occupancy, reinforced with 24 gauge steel to keep occupants safe.

Expedited delivery and price are Celine’s top reasons for buying an arena from Allied Steel Buildings. It has been a great addition to Les Ecuries Diabolo. The enclosed steel riding arena is equipped with an excellent sound system, and safety harnesses are suspended from the ceiling for equine theatre and aerobatics. Les Ecuries Diabolo provides a unique opportunity for boarders and students wishing to expand their equestrian skills to achieve a higher level of dressage, choreography, obstacles, or aerobatics. The metal riding arena from Allied Steel Buildings makes this possible to achieve year round!

Visit www.lesecuriesdiabolo.com for more information about their facility or contact Celine Tremblay or Alain Bergeron at 418-956-2860.